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Hi there! I’m Nadine, and I’m a passionate photographer and a proud cat lover. Since I was a child, I couldn’t resist getting my hands on my parents’ camera, and that’s when my love for photography began. Over the years, my hobby transformed into an all-consuming passion, and now, you’ll rarely find me without my trusty camera.

My base is split between two beautiful cities – Linz and Vienna.
These vibrant places inspire my photography and offer endless opportunities to capture unique moments and perspectives.

Nadine Linner Photography Marketing

In 2020, after completing my school and A-Level, I discovered a growing interest and curiosity for marketing. It led me to embark on an exciting journey, combining my photography skills with marketing expertise. I’ve had the opportunity to work on various marketing projects in sports, IT, and streaming, and it’s been an incredible learning experience.

Speaking of learning, since 2022, I’ve been pursuing my dreams further by studying “Marketing & Communication” at the Fachhochschule St. Pölten. This academic journey has allowed me to dive deeper into the world of marketing, enhancing my skills and knowledge.

Apart from my creative pursuits and academics, I find comfort in a warm cup of coffee, basking in the beauty of nature, and satisfying my wanderlust with exciting travels. My insatiable curiosity drives me to seek out the beauty in every moment and to approach life with an open mind.


Photography Marketing Nadine Linner

I’m a firm believer in finding solutions rather than dwelling on problems. Life is too short to get caught up in negativity, and I prefer to focus on the positive and embrace life’s joys.

Join me as I continue to capture the world through my lens, while delving into the intricacies of marketing and communication. Together, let’s explore the wonders that life has to offer, one click at a time!

My areas of expertise lie in #BrandCommercials, #LifestylePortraits, #ContentProduction, and #Lovestories. Alongside my photography work, I also excel in creating effective online marketing strategies, assisting individuals in maximizing their online presence.

All the love

Nadine xx

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